Some things I think about:

Of what use is a painting? The viewer must decide that for themselves, of course. But for the painter, a painting is a vehicle for growth. So, in that sense, these paintings are me.

The meaning of my paintings comes from the same place as dreams, the unconscious. To access the unconscious thinking is not useful. I try not to think about painting while painting. Instead I try to make choices intuitively.

Imagining I know where a painting is headed is misleading. Since the unconscious is a mysterious realm which functions with it’s own indecipherable logic, there are no mistakes. Nothing needs to be hidden.

In the course of a painting many decisions must be made. These decisions are best made with composition the first priority and a constant, healthy resistance to attachment.

What is the opposite of fear? Courage is the familiar answer. I think the opposite of fear might be generosity.


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